Marie Navarro

bringing magic to the world - one book at a time

The Author formerly known as JoElle Martín

Who is JoElle?

Marie's young adult series was originally published in 2006 under the pseudonym JoElle Martín.

Marie continued to use the pen name during the time that the  Dreamer's Forest series was in print. The four book series went out of print in 2013.

With Dreamer's Forest in the hands of her new publisher, Marie decided to make a few changes to the fantasy adventure series. One change will be the number of volumes. Book 1 and Book 2 are being combined into one volume, as it was originally written as a single manuscript. Book 3 and 4 will remain individual books, now Books 2 and 3. The series name has been changed to the FeyTerrah Series.   

The novels will have new book covers, that better represent the series.

And JoElle Martín be gone.

Marie has decided to use her own name, Marie Navarro, instead of a pseudonym.